Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Elizabeth finished her swimming lessons and loved every minute. By watching these videos you can see how much she LOVES water. This group we did not go in the pool with her as she was supposed to have a buddy with her, the buddy never showed but she did pretty well without. It was a pretty anxious 30 minutes every week as you may see Elizabeth has NO sense of danger with water and can get a bit carried away. We had a couple close calls in the beginning and only once did they have to pull her from the bottom of the pool, she came up with a big smile and asked if she could do it again. Her teacher would keep the class close to me at the edge and I would remind her to keep on the step to wait her turn and grab her when she was floating (or sinking by). I constantly tell her Dr's how she is in constant motion and these clips are a good example. Elizabeth got her report card and has graduated to the next level which is pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Swimming is one of my favorite generic recommendations. Within safety limits it is a great and enjoyable exercise. You provide well for Lizzy. Barbara

Candace said...

Looks like fun! She sure seems to enjoy herself. I see alot of kids her age, that are typical kids, who have no concept of being careful. I saw some boys, last week at the pool, who continued to kick and splash and throw things within inches of Faith, who was being worked with her therapist. I finally had to ask them to move. (They even had a sign right by the edge of the pool saying therapy in session)These were boys around 8 or 9!

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