Monday, November 02, 2009


Elizabeth had a great Halloween as usual, it really is one of her favorite holiday's. This year she went trick or treating as a spider, she really wanted to be a dinosaur but we settled on a spider. At school she wore my sister's old pumpkin costume which was made by my Mom over 20 years ago. When getting dressed as a pumpkin Elizabeth was very adamant that her hair was to be placed in an 'elegant up do' and after many attempts she was happy with my work. Halloween night I have never seen Elizabeth's little legs run so fast, she ran up and down driveways on a never ending candy mission. Her fast feet brought her home with big bag of candy which we are all enjoying. Elizabeth also drew her own design on her pumpkin and did a pretty good job with it.


abby said...

It sounds like Elizabeth had a great time and I marvel at her independence. The 'elegant up do' comment is hilarious.

Candace said...

Spooky! I love the pumpkin, very impressionist! I love it! She is very scary as a spider too, just kiddin'!

Candace said...

Thnks for the story about Elizabeth! I am glad to read it and your confidence that she would persevere despite all the odds!