Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Elizabeth's homework is endless; since she was a baby we always have something from each of her therapists to work on. Elizabeth rarely complains and somehow manges to find fun out the work she needs to do. We have been working hard with a new private Speech and language Pathologist to help with Elizabeth's articulation issues and she seems to be making some progress. We are working on her 's' sounds right now and she is able to put an s in front of a word when tactilely prompted. The new SLP uses the PROMPT method to cue Elizabeth and she responds well to it. One bit of homework which Elizabeth loves is blowing bubbles, I added some dish soap to her water and she was blowing a river of bubbles and squealing with giggles. She did drink a bit of the soapy water but she didn't mind.


Laura L said...

Your kid is cute.

Anonymous said...

This is a fun one for Ethan, too. We try putting a little chocolate syrup into milk and watching the color change as the bubbles mix. It tastes better too.