Monday, November 09, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Month

November is prematurity awareness month. To celebrate and bring attention to preemies Growing Your Baby is highlighting the stories of babies born too soon. Growing Your Baby is a blog I like to read; it highlights the latest celebrity family gossip, gives the latest baby trends, has cool giveaways and was created by a Mom who I have met who has a child who was a micro-preemie.
I think the preemie profiles are a great way to teach the public the difficulties micro-preemies face both in NICU and once home. All too often the media portrays preemies who despite all odds have no longstanding effects from their prematurity. There are some micro-preemies who are relatively unscathed by their prematurity but the reality is that many micro-preemies will face life long issues related to being born too soon. Shannon a co-writer for Growing Your Baby has done a great job at getting the real stories out.
To see Elizabeth's profile and visit Growing Your Baby click here.

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Anonymous said...

Have you had any interaction with the March of Dimes?...who I understand work to prevent premature birth.