Sunday, November 22, 2009

Momma Elizabeth

Now that Elizabeth is completely medication free we have noticed an amazing improvement in her play skills. I love hearing her play now, she is so interactive and imaginative. I hide in the other room with my cup of tea and just listen to her talking to her toys, it makes me so happy. Previously she would need me to script and set up her play but now she is happy playing on her own and playing appropriately.

The other shocker for us is her new desire to play with dolls, Elizabeth normally plays with her dinosaurs, animals or My Little Pony. I brought up Elizabeth's old baby bath and basinette and Elizabeth daily bathes her dolls, changes them, feeds them and tucks them into their bed after a story. Last year Elizabeth would not even be in the room if a doll was looking in her direction, I would have to turn the dolls head so it was not looking at her. Now Elizabeth makes sure her babies are sleeping in her room with her and she loves pushing them in the baby stroller.

I was so amazed at her new interest that I took picture after picture of her and called everyone we know to tell them about her becoming a 'little Mommy'.


Valeria said...

This is a important milestone...!!!! I love to hear all the progress of Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I got a sweet peek at her, too! This is great - but you already know that!


Candace said...

So she is off all meds? That is fantastic! What a change! I am thrilled for you and her! Happy Thanksgiving!

abby said...

This is SOOOO great! Hallie and Elizabeth are very similar: Hallie LOVES animals, dinosaurs, blocks, and stuff like that. She will sometimes do a little playing with her dollhouse (putting the baby sized miniature doll in the high chair, to bed, etc...mostly stuff out of real life) but ignores her baby dolls that are soft and more life like entirely. I have actually been considering banishing them to the basement to make room for more trucks, firemen, and dinosaurs but after reading your post am going to leave them up here to see what happens. Hopefully Hallie will take a page out of Elizabeth's book (or blog) and start mothering them....

And the play that Elizabeth is engaged in shows how much she has developed empathy and caretaking skills...this alone should allay your fears about the spectrum, which is a very very good thing.

(Personally, my sense is that our kids have what Liz McCarthy dubbed the Preemie Syndrome, which looks a lot like the spectrum but isn't quite on the spectrum...still the ASD diagnosis gets us a lot of services Hallie needs, so whatever...)

Anonymous said...
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