Thursday, December 03, 2009

Little Things

Raising a child with a disability makes one very aware of the little achievements in life. Small things that a parent of a 'normal' child would not even notice for us is worthy of a party. One of the recent things Elizabeth is doing is eating banana's, before we knew of Elizabeth's oral aversions and what to avoid bananas were a food that Elizabeth could not handle. A pureed banana was fine but one lump and the vomiting would begin. When Elizabeth was little just having her watch me mash a banana was worthy of gagging and running eyes. Even last year her father got her to have bite of his banana peanut butter sandwich and the hidden banana caused a stream of barf. Now Elizabeth is asking to eat a banana (only on her terms) and can eat it without even gagging. Elizabeth is also having an occasional bite of a potato which is also great. We love these little things as for us it is progress and a sign that some of her preemie issues can go away over time.


Anonymous said...

Parents who overlook these kinds of triumphs are missing a lot. Pity them. *wink*


Candace said...

SOOOOOO COOL! Hoping to get to that point one day! Way to go, Elizabeth!

23 weekers said...

I can totally relate. I can't wait for the day my children can eat a banana. I wish there was an easy answer or way to cure the gagging with lumps and solids.