Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Spirit

There are no worries about Elizabeth not getting into the Christmas spirit, she is ready for the big day. Decorating the Christmas tree started her off and now she is is super excited. Elizabeth was so cute when she helped me decorate the tree, we had Christmas carols on the radio and she sang along to most of the music while placing ornaments on the tree. I love getting out our ornaments as so many of them mean so much to us. Elizabeth's first Christmas was in the NICU and she received some very special keepsakes from family and friends and each year we bring them out to put on the tree. After constant nagging and greeting Daddy at the door with the the outdoor lights she then supervised him as he hung them outside. Her baby bassinet has turned into Santa's sleigh and while donning her antlers she pulls/pushes her toys around singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She has also completed her Christmas list and of utmost importance is Rocky the Robot dump truck (it's a singing/dancing and joke telling dump truck). The first day of December we awoke to screams at 6:30 am telling us it is December and time to open her advent calender and eat chocolate. I love how excited she is about Christmas, I can't wait to see her Christmas morning.

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Candace said...

so cute! I am so glad that she enjoys Christmas! What a sweetie... She seems to know how it all is supposed to go...LOL!