Monday, December 14, 2009


To earn some extra money for Christmas shopping I have been working Saturdays giving the H1N1 vaccination (I apologize to all who had the achy arm it is not me but the vaccine that did it). While I have been at work Elizabeth has been spending Saturdays with Daddy, Daddy is a pretty busy guy from renovating our aging home to commuting 2-4hrs a day he does not have too much time to have fun with Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Daddy have been hard at work making the above creation out of paper mache and a coat hanger. Each Saturday they completed the next step until the finishing touches of Elizabeth's red finger prints. Her new pterodactyl hangs proudly in her room. Along with their masterpiece they have gotten even closer and have had a great time hanging out together.


Sherry C said...

love the pterodactyl sounds like they had so much fun.

Candace said...

Way to go Elizabeth! It is awesome... I love the color.