Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Another whirlwind Christmas day, all the festivities leading up to Christmas and then getting ready for the day are so busy. Hopefully the next few days we will be able to slow down and take in all that we have done and what we have received. We as usual we spent the day with my parents, my brave grandparents who are both 91 years old and my brother and his family. We took Elizabeth to Christmas Eve mass; she looked so grown up holding the hymn book pretending to sing with the rest of us. When we got to the church Elizabeth told me she could see Jesus' name and when I looked at what she was looking at it said Christ Elizabeth is into spelling these days and she thought Jesus was spelled Chesus as that is how she pronounces it.
Surprisingly Elizabeth did not wake up until almost 8:00 on Christmas day and as soon as her eyes were open the squealing began. Elizabeth's most coveted gift from Santa was 'Rocky the Robot Dump Truck', she has spent all day loading him up and talking to him. Elizabeth also got another typical girl gift; a lava spewing volcano for her dinosaurs. I characterize Elizabeth's taste as eclectic as she gets equally excited about lip gloss and nail polish.
We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and were able to enjoy some time with their families.

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Anonymous said...

Part of my Christmas enJOYment has been reading posts like this one!