Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Another year has flown by and 2010 is here. We have had a pretty quiet Christmas vacation and are trying to find things to do in a very cold climate with NO snow (it is pretty crazy that here in Canada on Christmas Day we had rain and worms were actually on our driveway). Daddy has been very busy renovating our bathroom and I have been trying to keep Elizabeth busy and active. Elizabeth was out of commission with a respiratory bug since her birthday and took a good 10 days to get back to herself. We had many trips to the Dr's and of course her vomiting started again due to her cough. With puffers and antibiotics she is now cough free, we are now hoping her vomiting goes away as it seems like her old habit of getting upset = vomiting is back.
We celebrated a quiet New Years as just before we were going out Elizabeth got upset and vomited her big New Years feast so we decided to call it quits and hang out at home. New Years day I took Elizabeth to our local recreation center and she was able to watch Ice Carvers carve the Olympic Rings. Elizabeth had the most fun playing in the debris the carvers left as it is as close to snow as we are getting now. We were able to get a way for the night with a good friend up North and she loved swimming in the hotel, playing in the snow, snow tubing and eating snow.
We wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

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Candace said...

What a cool picture! I love it! Glad to hear that she is getting back to normal..except the throw up thing. We are dealing with that now as Faith and I both have developed colds. She was puking her guts out in the early am, this morning. So clear liquids were the call of the day. Horray for puke buckets, right momma!