Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Emergency

Of course these things always happen on a Friday afternoon when the clinics are closed for the weekend. Elizabeth's AFO broke, the hinge that keeps the top and bottom secure and which give her movement cracked and the screw popped out. For Elizabeth this is a bit of a catastrophe as her AFO's are her legs; they keep her stable and prevent her from doing further damage to her knees. Elizabeth rarely leaves the house without her AFO's on as she is not safe. I immediately sent an SOS email to her Orthotist but of course he is out of the country for the week.
Luckily Elizabeth still fit into her old butterfly AFO's so she has spent the week in a very short butterfly AFO and a somewhat short ladybug AFO. Becasue of her not growing much over the past year and a half we missed disaster and are coping with her mismatching AFO's. Without the mismatching pair of AFO's she would have had to spend the week at home (which she would not have minded at all).


Candace said...

Oh No! That is a big deal! Hope you get things straightened out quickly! Hey, Elizabeth can bring back the Punky Brewster era!

Anonymous said...

Ah, hinges. The weak link in AFOs. No chance she helped that screw to pop out, eh?

I don't suppose her back-up plan includes using that pink titanium wc? I mean, if her knee is out of commission sometime. Just saying. Barbara