Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Principal's Office

We have begun to register Elizabeth for school at the catholic school which is in our area. As usual things are not easy with her next transition. We have put much thought into where Elizabeth should be in terms of grade level because according to the date of Elizabeth's birth she should be placed in grade 1 next year. Here the cut off for the school falls in December and if you are born before January 2005 you are to be placed in grade 1. We are not comfortable with her beginning grade 1 for a multitude of reasons and therefore are asking for her to be placed where she would have been if she was born at term (she was due March 2005). Placing Elizabeth in a grade 1 class full-time is setting her up for failure; we know she has delays in many areas and she will never keep up with her peers at a level which they can but there are some areas where she will be close if she was allowed to go to school with kids who were born close to her due date. This extra year of her being at home half time would allow us to continue what we are doing at home, in gym class, in physio and at speech. We are not the only people who feel that Elizabeth should be held back; her teachers, resource consultant, therapists and her Pediatrician agree with our decision.
Because of our request things are not going well with her enrollment and I think the school is trying to find a way to exclude Elizabeth. There have been questions regarding our faith as we are intending to enroll Elizabeth in a catholic school despite the fact we have followed what is required by the school board. Dealing with this principal makes us wonder is this the right school for her as it does not seems like she is even wanted. If they do end taking her (to SK of course) will they accept her or will they treat her badly because we have questioned their policies (which I have read and recited to the Principal)? I have tried to be fairly nice with the school but nice may not be cutting it and we may need to go higher up to reach a decision. We are now waiting to hear back from them and when they are to 'assess' Elizabeth at her pre-school, if it is a no we will have to resort to plan B which may include moving to get her into a public school with a decent record. Wish us luck, lots of luck.

4 comments: said...

Wishing and praying!

Candace said...

Oh, i cannot imagine! I don't envy you guys at all! BUT I am prayin' for you!

Sherry C said...

I would encourage you to visit the public school as well, and see what they have to offer. Meet the kindergarten teacher and the SERT . It can't hurt and your allowed to enroll your daughter in both schools for now neither ones needs to know... consider all your options.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a patron saint for kindergarten placement?

Okay so all are not the same, but I find this very credible:
"the school is trying to find a way to exclude Elizabeth". Down to a person each school is different and if that person is the principal, you will need lots of luck.

If you are not practicing Catholics, complying with the board requirements may be necessary but insufficient.

Moving would be hard. Sherry has a novel idea.

LOTS of luck, Barbara