Monday, February 01, 2010


We are totally excited Elizabeth is taking ballet and she is loving it. Through one of Elizabeth's teachers I had learned about an adaptive dance class that is in a town next to us. I took Elizabeth for a preview class and automatically knew this was a great class for her. The class is run by the owner of the dance studio and is aided with girls who are in the dance class prior. Each child is paired with a volunteer who guides them through all the movements. The class is no cost and the parents watch the class from another room. The fact that I sit for 1/2 hr is a bit odd to me as every program Elizabeth is in I am usually running around with her in a full sweat but I think I can get used to it.
The class is quite challenging for Elizabeth as it requires balance and stability and most of the exercises cause her to lose balance but with the help of her assistant she can follow the group. Elizabeth was so excited to be dressed in her ballet suit and once dressed proudly declared 'I think Jake will like this', Jake is a little boy in her class who is just as spunky as her. At the end of the year the class will put on a recital which I will be there beaming.


Candace said...

Where's the music to Swan Lake? A budding ballerina....priceless! She is such a cutey pie! Very sweet...

Kellars Mommy said...

LOVE it...Elizabeth is going to be such a awesome ballerina!!!!

Sherry C said...

how precious is that.. i love it too. I'd love for Ashley to do Ballet too I heard of an adaptive ballet class in TO for kids with CP but seems to far to travel.

Valeria said...

It's my dream... I'm happy to hear abaut Elisabeth ballet!!!
Valeria and Aurora

love food said...

oh my goodness angi!! are friends allowed to come watch the recital? How cute is she????