Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupcakes and Candlelight

We had a quiet Valentine dinner together with Elizabeth. Dinner consisted of overdone burgers, salad and cupcakes which of course was consumed by candlelight. Elizabeth had helped make cupcakes and both her and her Dad took great pleasure in consuming them. Elizabeth and Ivan have a love for sweets that I will never fully comprehend, the way their eyes glaze over and the silence that fills the air as they enter pure bliss is something they have inherited from Grandma Ellie. Elizabeth was very happy Valentines morning to wake up to a new Webkinz; of course sticking with her girly theme it was a dragon which she named Valentine. We could not have had a better day together as a family she has comes so far since Valentines Day day 5 years ago.


Sherry C said...

wow 5 years she was so small and look how she has grown.

Candace said...

What a great Valentine's! Carl is a sweet fanatic too. Don't understand how one man could devour a one pound bag of twizzler's and still want more! LOL! Here's to cupcakes!

Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

It does not matter what you share on valentines it is showing that people care for another.
Not what the gift might be.