Monday, February 22, 2010

Helping Out

Elizabeth loves to help around the house. I think partly this is because she likes to be by my side but she really is a big help. I don't mind her helping with laundry as it us a great way for her to work on getting up on her toes which is really difficult for her. She is also getting good at putting away her clothes, folding and she LOVES to help me bake (or snitch a couple of chocolate chips).


Candace said...

Hey can you come teach my husband how to do this? I bet he would be really good at getting up on his toes, lol! That is really a feat! Way to go, sweetie!

abby said...

Hallie's exactly the same way. Even though she hates eating, she's really interested in helping me cook for Sharon. And she loves helping with Lea (she's particularly good at tossing out the dirty diapers) and wants to vacuum with me/for me (usually she is also responsible for the mess, but lately Lea has taken over her title of mess queen). Her favorite thing to say is "I can do it!" and she definitely tries, no matter what it is.

So, yet again, it's striking to me how similar Hallie and Elizabeth are. It would be great to get them together one day to see if the similarities hold up in person.

Anonymous said...