Sunday, November 14, 2010



Jennifer said...

WAY TO GO! You all rock as a family and what you have done for Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

WOW! She has come a long way. Kids' sports should be about fun and developing motor skills as well as sportsmanship, not about competition. She is enjoying the class and benefiting just as much as any of the other children there. It's good for Elizabeth (and the other kids) to learn that it is okay to really enjoy something even if it isn't one of your areas of strength. Elizabeth may be in a situation with one of these same peers someday where she is helping them in an area where she is stronger (e.g. academics). I remember being in a class project in a physical education class (an education course on teaching children phys ed.). Due to my Asperger's syndrome and related perceptual difficulties, I had trouble directing a group of children in motion (almost banging into them when running with them etc.). When we were typing up the report of the project, I helped my group members with some computer skills such as copying and pasting diagrams into the documents and did most of the writing of the paper as some of them struggled with grammar.

Anonymous said...

Bless that Grandfather!

She has improved a great deal! (Must be near Halloween, eh?)

I like the way they have obstacle courses set-up - the place is big enough no one should have to wait.


Valeria said...

I love to see her!!!! I don't know if I say correct in english...she is so good...!!!!