Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our new friend the Orthodontist

We had our first trip to the Orthodontist to discuss Elizabeth's jaw. Since she was a baby people would often comment on her uncanny mouth and how she resembled Winston Churchill. Her under bite is so severe that when she bites down her bottom teeth completely cover her top teeth. Her Speech Pathologist wonders if some of her articulation difficulties are due to her under bite and Elizabeth's watchful dentist thought it was time we should meet Dr. F.
Of course Elizabeth was the youngest client in the office and was her usual chatty self asking the Dr. what his intentions were with her. He took one look in her mouth and pronounced her as his new friend. This new friendship (very expensive friendship) won't start until she is older and will include braces and surgery to align her jaw.
Dr. F mentioned to look out for her 6 year molars as they should come in soon which I think might be awhile as all her teeth come in very late. On the way home Elizabeth declared she had mouth pain and should stay home from school as her 6 year molars were coming in.
Once again the effects of her prematurity continue to pop up and reminds us this will be lifelong.


Sarah said...

Still funny that she has to stay home form school for her molars. Interesting, though. Emery has an underbite and I never thought anything of it. I wonder if it's from intubation - was Elizabeth nasally intubated?

Anonymous said...

Funny. I never thought "the effects of her prematurity" included figuring-out how to get out of school.... ;) To me.

Bone growth is not easily explained but I would not lean in the direction of intubation as a cause-and-effect for underbite.

Hope she does not have much discomfort from the molars, next year. Ahem. Perhaps you can give her a special piggy-bank to supplement her friendship with Dr. F?


I Just Love You said...

lol! smart girl! i think she should get to stay home with "mouth pain". ;) jaw surgery sounds crazy. what exactly would they do?

Valeria said...

Aurora has an underbite too! I'm an orthodontist...and I think is due the long intubation.... I'm wainting she start to talk...than I'll start therapy to avoid surgery.... Rapid Palatal Expander first...than Delaire mask....
I usually start therapy for underbite asap, when the kids can cooperate