Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's landed

Our tacky mammoth pool has landed for the summer. I had sent Daddy to pick up a bigger pool this year as the 2 foot pool was a bit small for Elizabeth and her friends and seeing that we will be staying close to home this summer a pool seemed like the best way to have fun. Daddy had brought home a much larger pool this year which wasn't as apparent until he began to set it up. A pool 4 over feet high has been erected and took 3 days to fill with our garden hose but it is now here to stay. We did try to hide it's tackiness with tall grasses but it still stands out like a sore thumb in our backyard so I made Daddy apologize to our neighbours for the view.

Elizabeth is not being aware of the eyesore that it is loves it, the height is perfect for her to swim around and dive for her toys but she can still touch and keep her face above the water. After a bit of a heat wave it warmed up nicely and I even climb in to float around.

The only other downside with it's height is that I almost have to tip toe to see in the pool and there is no way I can see her unless I am leaning over the edge looking in. I have discovered her clubhouse gives me a birds eye view and I can zip down the slide if I need to rescue her (on modified bed rest of course).

I think we will get a lot of use of out the pool this summer. If you are ever by come join us for a swim, Elizabeth would love the company.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could! Just had a great afternoon swim with my great-nieces - 3 and 5 yrs. So happy for Elizabeth! Now about doing modified bedrest from a clubhouse....that's a new one to me! Might work combined with keeping your knees together....

Anne said...

I love it!

Reminds me of the one we had when I was a kid ... back in the dark ages when I don't recall being yelled at by my parents when we did "cannon balls" off the back porch into the pool :) I'm sure today we would have been removed from the home by Child Protective Services :)

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Elizabeth is a beautiful smilen little girl. I love swimming in the summer and wish we had a pool! I was born with a rare life threatening disease.

I Just Love You said...

oh, i wish we had that pool! my pregnant self is sooo very jealous!