Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hanging out on the couch

Things have had to slow down here even more. I am now off work for at least this month and trying very hard to do as little as possible. My contractions were a getting a bit stronger and happening at rest as well so the High Risk OB thought it wise to stay at home during this precarious period. Last week we were quite concerned and I needed to go back to to see if Celstone was needed as there was some cervical change shortening but seeing how it is back to it's original length we are chalking it up to difference in technique. I do have say it is very unnerving to go each week and wonder if this will be the day they don't let me go home as I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be away from Elizabeth (and of course Daddy too) for so long.
Despite my husband and parents wish to have me on house arrest I do take Elizabeth to school and to nearby appointments and will go pick up a couple light groceries if needed which helps maintain my sanity. We have a housekeeper coming to do the heavy jobs for me and Daddy is now the chief grocery shopper which is a bit of a learning curve. I do have to keep reminding myself this is only temporary when I see that Elizabeth is not getting the exercise that she needs to maintain her strength and I do try to recruit as many people as I can to take her on a bike ride or out to the park.
The timing worked as well as it could as Elizabeth is now at school full days so I have the day to lie down and putter around in the house. I so far have not succumbed to daytime tv and am trying to limit my online shopping we are down to one income but an occasional package does arrive here which I sneak in.
On a great note I have now passed the date when I had Elizabeth as I am now 25.5 weeks where Elizabeth was born at 25.3 weeks which is an amazing milestone.


Cora said...

You lay low! The term baby reward is worth it all in the end. I know how hard it is, and how guilty you feel, but this baby will thank you for a lifetime.

Cris and Liza said...

Think of you every single day...and totally understand the stress and worry...and the guilt...let the guilt go - you have a little being to look after - and you have given Elizabeth the world - all of our kidlets need a break once in will be good for her :)

Elizabeth is welcome to come over for a playdate anytime. Ivan can drop her off for a morning or afternoon to try to get some stuff done. Call me - we are totally good with it anytime...

Take care of yourself and tat beautiful baby. You are doing amazing!!!


I Just Love You said...

i understand wanting to keep your sanity but you stay off your feet woman! you have plenty of time to run around after the baby is at least 37 weeks and healthy! ;) i feel guilt about rachel's therapy (or lack thereof) right now because i need to focus on charlie but i have to keep reminding myself that this is only temporary and soon i'll be able to do more with her. and you'll be able to do more for elizabeth soon too.

Anonymous said...

I expect Lizzy will be fine after a bit of a lull in her many activities. I was on strict bedrest for 10 weeks. Agreeing with the others on letting go and laying low. Barbara