Friday, September 23, 2011


This may look like a pretty average picture of a child jumping in a pool but for us this is a huge milestone that Elizabeth met this summer. We have been working on jumping for years; she can now get both feet off the ground about 2 inches and now can jump ahead. The pool this year was a great way for Elizabeth to work on jumping forward, usually we would either pull or push her so she did not leave her legs behind which has led to some very bruised and painful shins. Elizabeth even was able to do a couple of cannonballs too. Our 'tacky' pool was the best purchase we have made for her as she lived in the pool this summer and got a great workout for both her her arms and legs.


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Anne said...

I love the "tacky" pool! And what great news on jumping!

I Just Love You said...

so fantastic! i look forward to seeing rachel jump too. :) hope you are feeling well!