Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Booked for his Arrival

I am officially booked for my c-section. Depending on the day I wonder if I will get that far but now being 35 weeks I can relax knowing that the little guy is pretty safe to come at anytime now. I'd say I can now breathe easy but that is pretty hard to do seeing I am short of breath all the time now.
Pictures of me will be hard to find now as I am entering the 'not pretty' phase with 30 plus pounds on a 5 foot body I am looking a bit puffy and my ankles are definitely missing.
December 12 is the day I am booked for a c-section. This is a bit creepy for me as the day I should be going home is the day I came to the hospital 7 years ago in preterm labour with Elizabeth.
My c-section with Elizabeth was a not a typical incision as she was too far down and distressed so a t-incision was needed. This t-incision makes one high risk for rupture therefore I cannot go into labour at all and must get to the hospital right away. It is a bit unnerving as I contract all the time and am not too close to the high risk hospital. My contractions have not gotten worse but I can easily have a handful in an hour. I do feel a bit like a ticking time bomb so I don't go too far anymore without a chaperone.
So for now I am trying to get Christmas shopping done online before the little guy appears and hope to hang around for Elizabeth's birthday party this weekend. Elizabeth has been a great help getting things ready for the baby and asked if she can come to the Operating room to see the little dude being born; as much as she would really enjoy it I think she can come a bit later.


I Just Love You said...

35 weeks! congrats! i'm sure you never thought you'd get this far. i bet he surprises you and hangs in there until your c-section date. and you won't believe how boring it will be. i couldn't believe how ho-hum the whole process was this last time around!

Anne said...

Congratulations! I love the picture!

I Just Love You said...

just checking in...only a couple weeks left! unless....he has already arrived??