Monday, January 30, 2012

The string works (sometimes)

Elizabeth is now proudly showing the gap in her mouth from 2 missing teeth. She was getting quite perturbed that she had not lost any teeth like her friends. Despite the fact that I am a Nurse I cannot deal with wiggly teeth as it grosses me out. Daddy happily helped out to deal with her wigglers and Elizabeth bravely agreed. So with some string and a yank out came her first tooth but the second was a toughy and the string broke with each try. Her grilled cheese at lunch did the trick and now Elizabeth is $2 richer.


Anne said...

Can your husband come down here when Eliza gets her first loose tooth? :) I am equally squeamish about the wiggly tooth!

I Just Love You said...

hey! we use this thing called a "woombie". it comes in a mega baby size (i'm not joking on that!) he's able to move around in it but it keeps him contained and from jerking himself awake.