Monday, January 30, 2012

2 months

The little guy is now 2 months old. He developing some pretty large rolls of chub and has doubled his birth weight at over 12 lbs. The Pediatrician who we adore diagnosed him with reflux (no surprise to me but getting medical practitioners to believe a parent instead of inferring they are neurotic would be a whole different lengthy post) so with the help of Zantac and me completely avoiding dairy/caesin and whey products has made him into a much more comfortable baby. I would definitely have to say he still is not the happiest baby but it is nice to see him more relaxed. I do have to say I MISS/CRAVE chocolate and cheese.
I still need to hold him upright for 30 minutes after eating to avoid choking and heartburn this leaves for little time as he still eats every 2 hours so we can't get out too far or often.
It is amazing to see him with Elizabeth his eyes widen when he hears her voice and he will happily play if she is on the floor with him (this does not happen with his Dad or myself). She reads to him and sings to him and he coos at her, I just love it and it is so helpful to have someone entertain him while I am busy.


Anonymous said...

Look at him, wow.. He is gorgeous Ang, chubby little fella for sure. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Anonymous said...

love the picture!! he is handsome!! i definitely see a resemblance to Elizabeth too!! xoxo Erin

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is the most prettiest girl I have ever seen! Your son is also beautiful. You are very lucky to have two beautiful children. Is he taking only breast milk? He must be getting plenty of it! I always wanted to nurse but the milk supply was always a problem.Thank you for sharing.Do you take any supplement for increasing your milk? Do you pump a lot?

Barbara said...


Just aaaww!!