Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding her Niche

Elizabeth had jersey day at school the other day and I was unable to procure a jersey for her to wear. When I explained I could not get her a jersey she began to cry and I explained to her that other kids won't have jersey's either and that we are not a family who watch or play lots of sports so we don't have sports paraphanalia here, through tears Elizabeth stated "no we don't have a jersey because I can't play sports". So we made a plan that instead of a jersey she could wear her Sparkes shirt and sash because that is something she is proud of but at the of the day when I asked if she told her friends about her badges she replied ' no I didn't feel like it'.
Her comment is true in some sense she cannot keep up with others and we have never been able to find an active activity that she does not struggle with. This is something I have thought a lot about lately of what can she do that she is proud of and that she use as an outlet to 'disappear' in when things are not going well.
I knew this was to come that she sees herself as different but she is still so young for it to begin to sadden her. For now we will look into other opportunities for her and hopefully find something she loves and is proud of. Any ideas?


Barbara said...

Seems like y'all have kept her active so far - I guess the criteria have changed to something in which she can be on the same (performance) level with the other children? Perhaps she has one activity like that (not so motor dependent) and one in which she is advancing her movement skills at her own pace.

I would be surprised if you had not already given her horsebackriding. Perhaps therapeutic horsebackriding instead of hippotherapy (different). Surely you know Glenda? In case not:

Anonymous said...

I am holding on to the dream that someday Ethan will play golf... There have been several athletes with cp that have done quite well.


Anonymous said...

My former micropreemie son who has cp (mild spastic diplegia) takes tae kwon do with his twin brother who does not have cp. It is the only sport we have them involved in because in tkd u are only competing against yourself. I didn't want a team sport in which my son would feel compare himself to everyone else. And its good therapy for his balance and core strength. Also we go to a family tkd class which inspired me to start jogging again because i was tired of being the most out of shape adult in the class and I've lost 10 lbs. Also on Jersey day at their school they wore their tkd uniforms. I love reading lizzies updates! And harrison is adorable. Best wishes to you!