Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Dressed

As Elizabeth is getting older we are trying to find ways in which she can do more things on her own. Elizabeth is now 26lbs and by the end of the day has Mommy tired of bending and lifting to help Elizabeth with her daily activities. 26lbs does not seem heavy at all but she is now 25% of Mommy's body weight. Getting dressed is a difficult activity for Elizabeth it requires balance and coordination and for someone with Ataxia it is a big hurdle. Normally getting dressed involves Elizabeth falling over, not paying attention and swaying. The more she has to balance the more she sways and sings (when I hear 'doodoodoo' I know I have lost her) it usually ends up with me getting mad and me dressing her. Getting dressed was one of the activities that drove me nuts, I hate getting mad at her as it is not her fault and I know she needs to learn on her own but on days when we are rushing to get out it is maddening. Her Occupational Therapist recommended a dressing stool/bench, by using a bench Elizabeth can lean to get support and can stand up with minimal assistance to help pull her pants up. Daddy went to work and made her a 'princess dressing bench' which we love. Getting dressed is not stressful and another strain to my back. Elizabeth can now help pull her shirt off and slides her feet into her pants without falling over, it really has worked well. Thank you Daddy, the princess bench is great!
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Jacolyn said...

I love it! It's so pretty!

Miracles said...

WOW! What a very talented daddy you have Elizabeth!

Are you taking orders? Maybe getting dressed with one of those beautiful benches would make our lives easier around too.

Mel said...

The bench is a great idea and she looks so stinkin' cute sitting on it too:)