Thursday, July 29, 2010

Conversations with Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been asking lots of funny questions lately about babies and about what she was like when she was born. After reading a book she has on the human body and pulling the flap to see how the baby born she expressed her disgust that the baby comes from her mothers 'bum'. I explained where the baby actually comes from and she once again expressed her disgust. She then asked if she was born that way too, I explained that because she was so tiny and needing help the Doctor's helped her come out faster from a incision in my tummy. Elizabeth ended the discussion stating 'I hope the next baby is born out your vagina'.
At least this discussion was at home, many of our impromptu talks happen when out in public and she really catches me off guard.


I Just Love You said...

oooo, so not looking forward to those questions! lol!

abby said...

Elizabeth is cool (even if she probably will say lots of things that embarrass you!). I hope that Hallie is as cool as Elizabeth is when she's her age. And I hope that she asks me lots and lots of questions (even some that I can't answer or don't want to answer) some day!

Anonymous said...

Too cute Elizabeth! What a sweet picture. I could totally hear her asking those questions. Alex sometimes asks about how babies are made etc.. lol. Talk soon Laur

Kellars Mommy said...

How funny. Kellar knows that there is a baby in my tummy and insist that he can go in there too lol..Kellar was very curious about his nicu stay a few weeks ago, he was looking at his pictures and was so full of questions and even teared up when he learned that we weren't there at night, it totally broke my heart!